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Yawmatwa community organize a peaceful and desent independence celebration in western north region

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Yawmatwa community organize a peaceful and desent independence celebration in western north region

The people of Yawmatwa found in Bia west district made the 62th Ghana’s independence celebration a successful one, and in fact it was one of the peaceful program among the district.

The occasion was organize in time and all the respective leaders were around to grace the program to a successful end. The chief of the community, Nana Kwadwo Badu III and his elders withness and supported the event to an end. The honorable Assembly man, Hon. Mohamed Abass Ayariga never left out from the start to the end, and as well as Ghana police officers ensure the safety of the program without any difficulties, all the head teachers and the whole crew of teachers were at the event.

GhEvent (Sefwi Yawmatwa branch) media also went to make the celebration a successful one, and upon our interviews , the people of Sefwi really confuses that, it one of the best 6th March celebration ever in the town.

There was about 9 schools gathered for the program and in all, the schools really performaned very well, and also loved the special program with all their strength putting in.

After the 6th Match celebration, it was followed by a football match between GhEvent association and Anobako association. At the end of the match, GhEvent scored 3 goals to 2 against Anobako.
Lastly, all town citizens made the celebration amazing and supported to the end.

Football Match

All we say is that, long live Ghana,
Long live yawmatwa community,
Long live Bia west district,
Long live western north region.

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